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      首頁 >>  新聞中心 >> 案例推薦 >>   在山洞和懸崖上建造設計的精品酒店別墅



      This time I recommend a small boutique hotel villa designed by k-studio,a design company of B&amp;B hotel.The villa is located on a striking site on the edge of Santorini volcano in Greece.The total construction area of the villa built on the cave and cliff is 265 m2.


      The guest rooms of the resort villa are three unique and completely separated villas.The whole building integrates the new villa with the old traditional residence.The first one at the top of the site is a renovated Tunnel Cave House,which is a typical local building.Entering the house from the cave opening,the first space is filled with a spectacular view of the remains of Santorini's original crater.Entering the second deep space of the cave is cool and dark,providing a"breathing"opportunity for the high temperature outside in summer.The third space is pushed back into the rocks on the mountain,cool and quiet.


      The second and third villas are new buildings,formed by paths cut down along the area.They are adjacent to each other and below the cave,dividing the first villa in a traditional linear layout,half stacked on top of each other.This gives the lounges and bedrooms rare nature,light and breathtaking beauty,and increases the available space for each villa.The villas incline to each other,enjoy unique and unique landscape,completely separate,and enjoy full privacy.